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Don't think it's fair to say that Pitchfork has been a dick to them. Did you not see that really good, long frontpage article they did before LP3 dropped?

Um. Yes. As a blog that has been dedicated entirely to one band for the past three years, I saw one of the biggest articles written about their new album. It was taken into my consideration of how Pitchfork writes about them.

It was a good article. But then you turn around, and their actual reviews of Congratulations and LP3 were the same old shit that a bunch of other publications that were too lazy to actually give the albums a chance wrote (and for the record, I am okay with critique of albums, but the reasoning behind Pitchfork’s reviews were basically “I don’t like this, I don’t agree with their opinion of what psychedelic rock should be” and that the songs were too difficult - that’s a really stupid reason to give a band a bad review). They don’t just do this to MGMT - they write articles that laud creativity, but then the reviews consistently don’t give albums that are more difficult and experimental an actual legitimate chance. It’s fine to have reviews, but if there is a hypocritical disconnect between your editorial content and your reviews, I have a problem with that. 

do you think andrew knows that some of his friends post him a lot of instagram? like he was clearly so against it in his previous relationship and doesn't like social media so it's weird that he lets them do it

I sort of doubt that he’s very aware of what his friends post on there. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to check every day, and I’m assuming that his previous girlfriend stopped posting him so much because every photo would blow up on the internet.

I agree that it’s weird and makes me question why, exactly, they’re posting a photo of a guy who is very private and hates social media every time they hang out with him. 

not that i give too many fucks about what music journalists think, it's disappointing to not see mgmt on pitchforks 200 best songs of the last 5 years list

I find it hilarious that Pitchfork has been a dick to them since Congratulations. They claim some kind of intellectual stance on identifying and supporting progressive music, but then they rip apart anyone who is trying to be different or experimental. 

I really, really hate music reviewers, in general. But that’s a much longer post.

Guys what quote are you talking about??

Drugs and Rock’n’Roll are the true things about it. But sadly I have way too little sex. It gets really frustrating. The bad thing is that I’m always on the road and can’t take my girlfriend with me. But I’d love to have more sex.”

is that quote about sex real? it doesn't sound like andrew

It’s from an interview that he presumably gave in English, which was then translated into German, and then translated back into English. So, his original quote was translated how the journalist he was talking to wanted it to be translated (i.e. there is usually some creative license in translations), and then it was roughly translated back into English by what looks like an internet translator job. 

So, no. It doesn’t sound like him because it’s not really him. It could definitely be roughly what he said, but I wouldn’t treat it as something that actually came out of his mouth word for word. 

"It’s not like we’re trying to be obscure or anything. I guess MGMT just wants to challenge what’s acceptable in music."

Ben to Times Live, South Africa

(Source: timeslive.co.za)

MGMT interview with Times Live, South Africa

Call their sound synth-punk, electro-pop, or Cynthia. MGMT don’t give a bleep, writes Nikita Ramkissoon

andrew is normcore, duh, whaddya expect?

I think that Andrew is just Andrew. He owns about five shirts and rotates them accordingly.

Andrew VanWyngarden at the Stephanie in the Water premiere, 

Andrew VanWyngarden at the Stephanie in the Water premiere, 

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